Masterput 3 Orchestral

    A software running on Windows (or Linux with wine) to control SpaceCrafter software.

    Select your constellations through a location intuitive selection grid.

    Select through categorized menus a huge amount of videos, scripts, images, sounds and musics !
    You can personalize it to your convenience but all of the categories are filled with :
    - 300 pedagogical scripts (to cover all astronomy curiculums)
    - 400 short fulldome videos (from 30 seconds to some minutes)
    - 50 trailers (to discover new shows)
    - 50 VR contents (and add yours at will)
    - 180 rectangular videos (project them duplicated into the dome)
    - 120 musics (put your musics or use free ones included)
    - 100 localized audiofiles from free shows
    - 50 free fulldome shows (from 4 to 50 minutes long)
    - 50 3D models (spacecrafts and celestial objects)
    - 2000 astronomical pictures (sorted in categories)

    Replace the keyboard with this dynamic visual interface.

    But also:
    - Select up to 2080 images in a maximum of 3 mouse-clicks.
    - Play up to 1344 videos/scripts in a maximum of 3 mouse-clicks.
    - Select ambiant music among 120 possibilities.
    - Play up to 40 distinct in parallel of your show a synchronized dubbing in another language for audioguides.
    - Set your date and position thanks to an ergonomic interface.
    - Change your landscape automatically depending on your position on Earth.
    - Access graphically to change of heading, twinkling of stars and meteors rate.
    - Navigate graphically on the surface of any planet to see some peculiar features.
    - Observe any object stitched to the sky or to the body.
    - Select constellations with relative position of each to the other in the sky.
    - Get access to an automatically set nocturlabe.
    - Get access to a navigation special feature to understand the position line.
    - Visualize and operate easily all the 400 keyboard functions related to SpaceCrafter.

    Never ever miss the perfect answer to your audience on your fingertips !
    That's why a lot of planetarium owners have chosen Masterput and can't do without it !